Commercial Metal Roofing

Metal Roof Restoration

If your commercial metal roof is in need of repair you’re not alone. Metal roofs are very cost effective options during the initial construction of your commercial roof. The big challenge comes with keeping them watertight over the years. Temperatures on a metal roof can range from 150-170F during the peak of summer. The high temperatures cause the metal to expand and contract which leads to the fasteners backing out and creating spaces for water leaks.  If left untreated, your metal roof will rust, degrade, and eventually need to be completely replaced.

Affordable Metal Roof Alternative

Save and Secure Your Metal Roof

The good news is it’s easy to ensure your commercial metal roof will last decades into the future. We can add a watertight, acrylic-based coating to your roof that will protect it and even save you money on your energy costs. There are many acrylic-based roofing systems on the market, but we use the Met-A-Gard system, which we’ve found to be superior. The system provides a bright white, ENERGY STAR® rated finish. The system is finished with a top coat of high-tensile acrylic 211, which offers the highest grade of UV stability and water resistance in the industry.

Met-A-Gard System Application

Upgrading your commercial metal roof with a Met-A-Gard roofing system is easy, fast, and affordable. Unlike a roof replacement which is costly, disrupting to your business, and time-consuming, a acrylic roofing system can be applied in one day, and the results and instantaneous.

  • We start by cleaning your existing metal roof surface
  • Chemicals are applied to the clean roof surface
  • All seams, fasteners, and holes are sealed with brush grade acrylic sealant 221
  • A base and top coat application of high-tensile acrylic 211 is applied

Benefits of Met-A-Gard

  • Eliminates leaks and rust
  • Makes your roof durable and UV stable
  • 100% tax deductible
  • Add decades of life to your existing metal roof
  • Substantially reduces energy costs
  • Seamless waterproof protection
  • 20-year warranty option

A Sustainable Solution

Liquid coated roof systems are sustainable and environmentally friendly. A lot of waste comes with a traditional roof rebuild. When you go with a Met-A-Gard system you’re not only getting a superior end product, but you’re not adding any materials to the landfill. A simple re-application after 10-15 years is the only thing you’ll need to do to maintain the life. We will simply add a new application over the old one.

An Affordable Solution

When you look at the numbers you can’t afford not to restore your commercial metal roof with an acrylic system. The savings on energy and maintenance alone make it worth it. The highly reflective top coat not only provides superior UV protection, it cools your building allowing you to reduce your air conditioning. If your facility doesn’t use air conditioning, then you’ll be creating a much more comfortable environment for your employees. Along with energy savings the roof system is maintenance free. Whatever you were spending on annual repairs is no longer necessary with a Met-A-Gard roof.
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